Master Security Doors offers the ultimate security for your family and property. Our advanced engineering unites the finest materials with sophisticated international design, galvanized steel frame construction and ultra-strong locking systems.

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Biometric Panel

Features: Benefit:
  • High Tech Multipoint Locking system
  • Powerfully secures door and resists forced-entry, even by crow bar. Electronic motorized locking system that can be used with Biometrics, Pin-Pad, Card Reader etc.
  • Durable Construction
  • Resists heat, humidity, warping and delaminating, easy maintenance, long lasting trouble-free operation.
  • Adjustable Hinges
  • Easy to adjust even after installation Up-down.
  • Four hinge-side Studs
  • Additional security at four critical points virtually integrates door with sub-frame.
  • Single gasket all around and “No sound” sweep under the door
  • Makes the door sound proof from any kind of external noise and stops drafts.
  • High Degree of security
  • Ideal for courthouses, detention centers and prison, also for school entrances, retail stores, warehouses and others.
  • High rigidity frame and leaf
  • Made with closed profile that is reinforced around the corners. Thickness 5/64" (2 mm).
  • MDF (Fiber Resin), Pantograph Wood, Hard Wood, Aluminum and Laminate
  • Colors: RAL Chart, Pantograph Wood, Hard Wood
Residential (front and back doors, pool door, safe room), apartments, hotels, office buildings, dormitories, industrial buildings, multi-level garages; and wherever security protection is a concern

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