Master Security Doors offers the ultimate security for your family and property. Our advanced engineering unites the finest materials with sophisticated international design, galvanized steel frame construction and ultra-strong locking systems.

Master Security Doors
Residential, Commercial, Government
and Military Security Door Systems

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Features: Benefit:
  • Custom design
  • A staff of high-level designers is at your disposal to develop your ideas. Because of its privileged nature, the design is done to combine the demands of the customer and the need to keep secret the place/area to be protected.
  • Motorized locking system
  • Possibility of having different types of motors for the automatic movement of the invisible door, such as, lateral or frontal movement, movement on hinges, or combination of both.
  • Advanced motorization
  • Motors with torque controlled to prevent crushing with virtually infinite possibilities for adjusting the speed to meet the needs of the client.
  • High Tech Lock
  • Possibility of mounting a wide range of locks, including custom, all-electronic motorized, that can be used together with biometrics, pin-pad, transponders, card-reader, etc..
  • Complete Electronic Control
  • On-board computer monitors all parts of the door either stand-alone or within a network, with the possibility of interfacing with a highly evolved home automation system.
  • Internal Ballistic and Manganese Panels
  • Possibility of having 2 versions, either security or security and ballistic. Stops high-powered weapon attack (Ballistic Rating 30.06 Caliber and Leaf Ballistic Rating of 4).
  • Drafts and Noise isolation
  • On request we can mount gaskets all around the door.
  • Durable Construction
  • Resists heat, humidity, warping and delaminating, easy maintenance.
  • Elegance and Invisibility
  • The door is built in order to completely hide the secret passage and look like a part of the decor of the room if indoors, or a wall if for the outdoors. Dimensions can go beyond 6 m (18') and weigh over 1000 kg (2000 lbs)


Residential, apartments, hotels, office buildings, dormitories, industrial buildings; and wherever security protection is a concern

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